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Pest Control In Lexington, KY

Home to the University of Kentucky, Lexington is the second-largest city in the state. It's known for its horse farms and racetracks, making it an attractive place for horse owners. The city provides residents and visitors with live music, shopping, and restaurants for entertainment.

Lexington's streets are lined with trees, providing attractive living spaces for numerous creatures. They invade properties for necessities, creating problems in buildings. Lexington, KY, pest control professionals can protect your structure from these intrusions.

Tailor Made Pest Control protects Lexington residents from pests. We'll attend to your problem quickly and provide top-notch services.

Residential Pest Control In Lexington

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Whether you own a country estate or live in a residential community, pests are a legitimate concern. They'll crawl onto your property or hitch a ride on wild animals, searching for food and water sources. Houses provide nourishment for these creatures, making them great places to reside. For this reason, home pest control in Lexington, KY, is essential for your safety.

Our technicians at Tailor Made Pest Control start by learning about your concerns. We'll inspect the interior and exterior of your home, which enables us to develop a treatment plan. We offer treatment inside and outside your house and provide exclusion services when necessary.

In addition to one-time treatments, we offer monthly and bimonthly recurring services to prevent future issues. Call us if you find pests in your Lexington home.

Commercial Pest Control In Lexington

Lexington hosts businesses in various industries, and they all deal with pests. Commercial facilities are excellent food, water, and shelter sources, so numerous creatures commonly invade. Unfortunately, these intruders can damage your building and equipment, impacting your operations. They can also cause illnesses to customers and employees, threatening your reputation.

Tailor Made Pest Control provides the best commercial pest control in Lexington, KY. We'll inspect your property to identify the pests, entry points, and attractants. The results enable us to create a custom plan for the pests, your building, and your industry. We'll inspect your entire property, eliminating pests and producing a barrier to prevent other invasions.

Our monthly plans keep facilities pest-free year-round, and we'll return between scheduled visits to treat unexpected issues for free. Contact us to protect your Lexington business from pests.

Five Tips To Reduce Mosquitoes Around Your Lexington Home

Lexington yards provide the ideal environment for mosquitoes. These insects are most active when it's warm and invade properties that provide hiding spots and water. While mosquitoes produce annoying bites, most are harmless. However, some species spread illnesses, making their presence on your property a potential threat.

Mosquitoes hide in tall grass or brush to avoid dehydrating in direct sunlight. They also infest properties with standing water, a requirement for reproduction. Reducing these features will make your home less attractive to these pests. Five tips to reduce mosquitoes around your Lexington home include:

  1. Keep the water moving in your outdoor water features.

  2. Remove overgrown brush from your property.

  3. Maintain the height of your grass by mowing regularly.

  4. Empty water from buckets, tires, or flower pots.

  5. Clean your gutters frequently.

Tailor Made Pest Control technicians will inspect your property for mosquito resting and breeding areas. We use granular treatments on breeding sites, backpack misters on foliage, and Inzecto mosquito traps to eliminate larvae. These proven methods will significantly reduce mosquito populations around your home.

Our services are monthly when these pests are active, but we also provide one-time mosquito treatments for special events. Let us know if mosquitoes are biting around your Lexington home.

The Best Solution To Rodent Activity In Lexington

Rodents can infest your yard or invade your home, but they all threaten your health and safety. Lawn rodents dig holes in your grass and eat from gardens. Those entering homes chew on electrical wires and burrow into insulation, potentially causing fires and impacting your heating and cooling.

Lawn damage caused by these pests is often minimal and easily repairable, but interior problems can result in expensive repairs. Fortunately, there are ways to make it difficult for these creatures to enter your house. Some tips to prevent rodent intrusions in your Lexington home include:

  • Keep your food sealed in rodent-proof packaging.

  • Eliminate clutter and keep boxes off floors.

  • Replace loose or damaged weatherstripping.

  • Trim tree branches or shrubs around your home.

At Tailor Made Pest Control, our Lexington rodent control services start with an inspection to find signs of activity. We'll place bait stations to catch the intruders and use Bluetooth to monitor them. Our bait includes Lumatrack, causing rodent droppings to glow for easy detection. We'll follow up two weeks after our initial treatment to reinspect your house and apply bait if necessary.

Our recurring rodent services are every other month, and we include a one-year renewable warranty on our exclusion work. Give us a call if you spot rodents on your Lexington property.

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