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Pest Control In Frankfort, KY

Professional Pest Control In Frankfort, KY

Frankfort is more than just the capital of the Bluegrass State. It boasts one of the most stunning state capitol buildings in the US and is home to the 1775 Buffalo Trace Distillery. If you're looking for unusual attractions, you will love the Salato Wildlife Education Center, where you can meet native wildlife up close. The State Capitol, designed by renowned architect Frank Mills Andrews, is regularly open to visitors if you're into historical monuments.

But as most residents know, infestations can persist across the seasons due to the local pests' adaptability and resilience. Factors like our climate and the abundant shelter and food contribute to the year-round challenge of keeping unwanted invaders out. If you're struggling with a persistent intrusion, Tailor Made Pest Control can keep pests out of your property with top-rated pest control in Frankfort, KY.

Residential Pest Control In Frankfort

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Tailor Made Pest Control aims to provide excellence and personalized service to every pest control consultation. We will promptly meet your needs with services beyond basic pest control to provide year-round peace of mind. We will diagnose your intrusion and treat your home with effective strategies that will eliminate current issues and ensure your home remains pest-free for good.

We value your time and understand you need efficient solutions for immediate protection from the property destruction and pathogens these unwanted guests can bring. Our highly skilled professionals can provide same-day or next-day service and will visit you again for free if pests persist between treatments. We will treat you and your home as if you were family.

We take pride in our people and pet-friendly approach; your satisfaction is our top priority. Call the Tailor Made Pest Control experts today to learn how quality home pest control in Frankfort, KY, can make your property safe from intruders no matter the season.

Commercial Pest Control In Frankfort

Many pests can disrupt your business operations without notice. With reliable commercial pest control in Frankfort, KY, we can protect your workplace from the most formidable adversaries, including bed bugs, termites, and rats.

Bed bugs are notorious for being stealthy and a significant threat to local businesses. Our strategic treatments will eliminate these external parasites discreetly and thoroughly to protect you from the potential fallout of infestations.

Termites can also pose a significant threat to commercial properties. Our expert team can provide advanced techniques for detecting and eliminating colonies even in their early stages.

Rats are also incredibly adept at infiltrating commercial spaces. They can contaminate products, pose health hazards, and more. Our experts can help keep them at bay with strategies designed to address rat infestations and protect your employees and customers.

These are only a few species we can take care of for you. Additionally, our commitment goes beyond simple elimination. We also prioritize preventive measures to thwart future infestations, focusing on efficiency and minimal disruption. Call today to learn about our flexible scheduling and proactive, tailored solutions.

Experience Peace Of Mind With Professional Spider Control In Frankfort

You don't need to put up with dangerous brown recluses, black widow spiders, or even harmless but invasive species. Our seasoned experts can provide you with a safe property and peace of mind through a targeted treatment plan designed around your needs.

Our specialists will focus on spider-prone areas indoors and apply safe and effective control products to get them even in hard-to-reach hiding spots. We will extend this protective shield to the exterior by treating everything from foundations to entry points with environmentally friendly products.

We also take a proactive approach by meticulously removing existing spider webs to deter re-infestations and include follow-up inspections after two weeks to ensure the efficacy of our initial treatment. Throughout the process, our experts always offer valuable advice on preventing infestations, from effective sanitation practices to sealing potential entry points.

Call our Frankfort spider exterminators today to learn about our all-encompassing solutions to free your home from common and venomous spiders.

The Importance Of Rodent Removal In Frankfort

Rodent removal strategies are one of the best ways to protect your loved ones and staff from the many threats these persistent pests can pose.

Rats and mice can damage your home and commercial space by gnawing on furniture and wires, increasing fire risks and transmitting diseases.

Beyond this, rodents can multiply rapidly, turning a small infestation into a severe problem in no time. Their incredible ability to contaminate food supplies and leave behind droppings makes prompt removal an urgent necessity.

In addition, remember there are good reasons why rodents can instill fear and anxiety. They can become aggressive as the colony grows and feel the need to protect their litter. They can also cause a lot of noise, especially at night, as they rustle inside your walls.

Fortunately, you can address infestations with swift and professional rodent removal services. Our experts will also help you implement preventive measures to stop future intrusions. Our initial rodent removal service involves a thorough inspection inside and outside to spot entry points, holes, droppings, and more. Our strategies include bait stations, including Bluetooth-enabled exterior ones for data tracking, follow-up visits two weeks later, and other options.

Our 'Mice Treatment Plan' offers a flat-rate service for an average-sized home, including inspections and the option to seal entry points. Our 'Silver Plan' provides additional benefits like text and email reminders, priority service, and a 10% discount on other services. Call us today to learn more and get started with top-rated rodent control in Frankfort.

The Tailor Made Pest Control experts can eliminate the most challenging pest infestations. Get started today with an inspection.

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