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Bardstown, KY Pest Control

Pest Control In Bardstown, KY

Bardstown is a small town located in Nelson County, Kentucky, and best known for being the bourbon capital of the world. We are the bourbon equivalent of California’s wine country, as our region is home to 11 different distilleries! While we are proud to be known for our bourbon, we are also proud to be known for our beautiful outdoor spaces, quaint town, and friendly, tight-knit community. 

Unfortunately, like any other Kentucky community, Bardstown is a place where various insects, spiders, and rodents thrive. Working with a local pest control company is the best way to ensure that your Bardstown home or business does not become a place of respite to our region’s most common pests.

Tailor Made Pest Control offers customized pest control services in Bardstown that meet each customer's unique needs. Continue reading here to learn more about some of our most effective commercial and residential pest control services. 

Residential Pest Control In Bardstown

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There are many benefits to acquiring regular, year-round pest control for your home. Some of the most important include preventing structural damage, protecting your family’s health, and saving you time and money in the long run. However, the most significant benefit of professional pest control is peace of mind of knowing that your home’s current pest problems will be solved, and future pests won’t be able to take advantage of the food, water, and shelter your home offers.

At Tailor Made Pest Control, we offer home pest control in Bardstown that offers all the above benefits and more. Our home pest control process includes:

  • Completing a thorough inspection of your property

  • Developing a recommended treatment plan

  • Performing interior and exterior treatments

  • Scheduling 12 yearly follow-up service visits through our pest-free bundle plans

In addition to general pest control, we offer targeted solutions to solve problems with specific pests like mosquitoes, rodents, and termites. Call today for more information about any of our comprehensive pest control services. 

Commercial Pest Control In Bardstown

Pests can become a problem in any commercial property. Some of the most common pests that invade commercial structures include spiders, flies, ants, cockroaches, termites, and rodents. Pests are equal opportunity and can negatively affect every industry. Whether you own or manage a restaurant, hotel, office space, or warehouse, they can become a problem and drive your customers away. Because of everyone’s easy access to social media, just one or two negative experiences with pests in your business can quickly and irrevocably tarnish its reputation.

At Tailor Made Pest Control, we can help you guard your business’s reputation through our effective commercial pest control services. Our professionals will work closely with you to diagnose your specific business’s pest issues. Then, we will jump into action to target the root of your pest problems, create an effective treatment plan, and provide ongoing monthly services to ensure pests are not a future threat to your business, customers, or employees. 

For more information about the commercial pest control in Bardstown that we offer and all its benefits, please call today! 

Identifying Factors That Attract Termites To Your Bardstown Home

Termites are small wood-eating insects. They are social insects that live and work together in extremely large groups. Termites will find their way to and establish themselves on any property where their basic needs can be met. Termites in our region are highly attracted to moisture and areas of decaying wood and other vegetation, which acts as their food source. 

While termites can invade any Bardstown property, properties with the following things are more likely to experience problems with these destructive pests: 

  • Wood piles, tree stumps, fallen trees, and other dead or decaying wood

  • Excess wood mulch

  • Poor yard drainage

  • Leaky pipes and fixtures

  • Poorly ventilated basements and crawl spaces

  • Cracks and crevices in the foundation and exterior walls

  • Roof damage and openings around windows 

Never ignore the threat of termites; these tiny insects are responsible for causing more than five billion dollars in damage to structures across the country each year. For quality termite control near you, reach out to the Bardstown pest control professionals at Tailor Made Pest Control. 

The Ultimate Mosquito Control Solution For Your Property In Bardstown

You aren't alone if you are tired of sharing your Bardstown outdoor space with biting mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are among the most hated and unwanted pests that swarm our properties. These tiny insects are most active when temperatures are above 50 degrees and, in Kentucky, are most present from April through September. 

If you call Bardstown home, Tailor Made Pest Control can help you control mosquito numbers and take back your yard from these relentless biters. We understand that each property we treat is unique and offer a variety of treatment options for our property owners to choose from:

  • Inzecto mosquito traps: These traps eliminate adult mosquitoes and mosquito larvae. 

  • Granular treatments: This treatment targets and treats mosquito breeding sites like standing water.

  • Backpack misting: This treatment works to apply comprehensive coverage of bushes, shrubs, trees, and other shady mosquito hiding spots.

We are committed to solving our customers’ mosquito problems and preventing them from returning in the future. Call today to learn more about our effective mosquito treatment options. 

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